Well Link  provides a One-Stop Solution and assistant services with a group of professional individuals who are knowledgeable in the 3D printing technology. From us you may discover how 3D printing can help to improve your everyday tasks.

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  • What is 3D Printing ?

    Process of transforming a three dimensional digital file into a real object, such as printing a plate, a cardholder, a phone stand, etc.

    Well Link provides 3D printing training course & workshop, from which you can get a better understanding about the technology. Please go to our “Solution” and “Course” sections for more details.

  • Who need a 3D Printer?

    3D printing has a lot to offer individuals possessing different skills and needs such as students, teachers, DIY enthusiasts, model players, designers, architects, and product developers. 3D printing does not only bring the light to design businesses, it is also applicable to various industries involving creativity and innovation. To learn more about how 3D printing can benefit you, please go to our “Solution” sections for more details.

  • What kind of 3D Printer you need?

    For home-users, small-to-medium size companies and beginners, desktop 3D printer will be the most suitable and affordable type of 3D printers. Well Link offers a dual-extrusion 3D printer using FDM technology, please go to our “Online Shop > 3D Printer” section for more details.

  • How to operate a 3D Printer?

    FDM type desktop 3D printer may seem easy to operate, but in reality, maximizing the performance and capability of the printer and controlling the quality of printed models take more than pressing the button and can only come from practices. Although there are many online videos about the operation of 3D printers, it takes many trials to reprint before a successful 3D product is made. Well Link has a group of professionals who are proficient in 3D printing techniques and skills. You can know more about 3D printing through our training courses or workshop. Please go to our “Course” section for more details.
  • Where can I find a 3D model?

    1) You can scan a real object with a 3D scanner. However, the scanned digital files are not 100% accurate and perfectly accurate. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to fix and rectify the files which require an advanced knowledge in 3D CAD drawing techniques.

    2) You can also download the pre-drawn files from online 3D printing marketplace. But most of the 3D model files are not editable or they may need advanced 3D CAD drawing skills to modify.

    3) Draw and design a 3D model yourself.

    All of the above methods require knowledge and skills in 3D drawing, modelling, and printing, which you can learn gradually from our courses. Please go to our “Courses” section for more details.

  • How can I draw a 3D model?

    Practicing 3D drawing does not simply improve your basic drawing skills, it also inspires your artistic creation, establishes a generous space concept, enhances visual senses and spatial processing, and most importantly, improves your Stereoscopic Thinking. Well Link provides 3D drawing & printing training courses from beginner level to advance. You can learn how to design, model, draw, and print a 3D model gradually. Please go to our “Course” section for more details.
  • Why I fail in 3D Printing process?

    3D printing involves using CAD software and slicer software and requires a certain level of knowledge and techniques. A minor error in the drawing file or print setting, such as design flaw, improper hardware setting, and improper material setting, can result in printing failure. Well Link has a group of professionals who are proficient in 3D printing technique and skills. You can obtain a deeper knowledge about 3D printing thorough our training courses or workshop. Please go to our “Course” section for more details.

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Well Link 的專業團隊充滿熱誠和創意,為有疑問的你提供一站式3D打印技術服務。你將能夠有效地利用3D打印改善日常生活。

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  • 什麼是3D打印?


    Well Link 提供3D 打印技術培訓課程及工作坊,為你介紹關於 3D 打印科技的不同資訊。如想知道更多,請瀏覽 “Solution” 或 “Course” 頁面。

  • 誰需要3D 打印機?

    不論學生,老師,DIY達人,模型製作師,設計師,建築師,甚至產品開發商,都能夠利用到3D打印的好處。不要以為設計才會用到3D打印,每個推動創意及先進生產的行業都正在漸漸融入這個工具。想知道如何善用3D打印的好處,請瀏覽 “Solution”頁面。

  • 那一個種類的3D 打印機最適合我?

    桌上3D打印機最適合打算在家居或辦公室使用的初用家。Well Link提供桌上雙噴頭FDM技術3D打印機。想知道更多,請參閱“Online Shop > 3D Printer”版面。

  • 如何操作3D打印機?

    FDM桌上3D打印機看似很簡單,實際操作及控制其實需要經過技術性的訓練和練習。雖然網上有很多教學影片,但成功打印製成品前都會先經歷不斷出錯的過程。Well Link的服務團隊擁有專業的3D打印的經驗及技術。透過我們的訓練班及講座,你能夠更深一步地認識到3D打印這個改變世界的工業。想知更多,請瀏覽 “Course”版面。

  • 那裡可以找到3D模型?

    1) 用家可以使用3D掃描器掃描實物。但掃描後的影像並不完整和準確。所以擁有修圖的技巧及對CAD的知識才可以把零碎的圖片做成3D模型。

    2) 在網上亦有其他設計師上載及分享的3D圖供其他人下載。但這些圖都不能達到3D打印的個人化特色。所以修改這些圖時都需要對CAD的專業知識及經驗。

    3) 設計屬於你自己的3D模型。

    所有方法其實都運用到3D設計, CAD繪圖,及打印的技巧。所以我們的課程都集中在這三方面上。想知更多,請瀏覽 “Course”版面。

  • 如何製作出3D圖?

    練習3D技巧不單止對你的繪圖能力有十分大的幫助,而且會增加你的藝術感,空間管理,及視覺靈敏度。透過不斷的練習,你更可以發展立體思維。Well Link 提供的3D 打印技術培訓課程為你教導不同程度的3D 繪圖及打印技術。如想知道更多,請瀏覽 “Solution” 或 “Course” 頁面。
  • 什麼原因會導致打印失敗?

    3D打印的使用者需要對計算機輔助設計和切層及處理軟件有一定的認識,經驗,及技術。一個設計,硬件,或材料上的錯誤就會導致打印的失敗。Well Link團隊擁有3D打印的專業知識及經驗,你能夠在課程內加深對3D打印的認識。如想知道更多,請瀏覽 “Course” 頁面。

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