Who are we

Well Link Industries Limited is a Hong Kong-based company founded in 2013. We focus on introducing 3D printing technologies and skills to the community through training courses and workshops to children and adults. Our goal is to provide a one-stop solution to our customers, from technical training to machinery, from printing materials to hardware maintenance.

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We have a group of young, vigor, innovative and creative professionals who are eager to help you with our one-stop customized formula including the TRAINING of 3D drafting, modeling, CAD drawing, CAM slicing and 3D printing, the MACHINERY of 3D printer, the SERVICES of consultation, design and maintenance, and even the MATERIALS for your printing needs.


Well Link 實業有限公司於2013年成立, 致力為香港兒童, 年青人, 和成年人提供3D打印技術的課程和研習班. 除了繪圖培訓外, 我們的一站式服務亦包括機器支援, 打印所需要的材料, 和工具保養. 每一個步驟都能夠讓你切實地體驗到3D打印驚人的創造力.

Well Link, 大眾與3D打印的聯繫


我們的專業團隊對3D打印充滿熱誠和創意, 為顧客全面解決關於3D打印的任何疑問. 我們的一站式服務有 CAD繪圖軟件, 切層軟件和打印機操作的技術培訓, 3D打印機的銷售, 設計, 打印, 和保養的諮詢服務; 以及打印材料的供應.